Sunday, February 8, 2015

           Besides the Super Bowl game itself, Super Bowl commercials are what a lot of people look forward to seeing. A couple of the commercials from this past Super Bowl received negative feedback, but not this one. This McDonalds commercial was by far the best commercial in my opinion. This commercial gave McDonalds positive feedback because they were doing random acts of kindness. McDonalds is a popular eating spot because it is cheap and convenient. A lot of people eat McDonalds when they are financially struggling but need something to eat. When the McDonalds employee asked people to give love for their free meal, everyone was thankful and greatful because they could have possibly been down to their last dollars and a free meal really saved them, or they realized how important showing people you love them are. This commercial showed the world that giving and showing love pays off, literally. This Suber Bowl commercial was like no other because usually the commercials consist of people finding a creative way to bribe people into buying their product or going to their establishment. This commercial, however, is the total opposite. McDonalds did not try to bribe anyone to eat at their establishment , instead, they showed their appreciation to their customers by providing them with a free meal. It was from the heart and thoughtful which is why this commercial was the best commercial in the Super Bowl.